If you are interested in any of our classes, workshops or perhaps creating something bespoke for you, get in touch below - we’d love to hear from you!
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After-School Clubs

We can set up an after-school cookery club within your school. The classes are hands-on where children get to use different utensils in the kitchen – they cut, peel, mix and knead. The children don’t just follow a recipe, they get to learn about new ingredients, spices and cuisines giving them the confidence they need into adulthood

We can also run after school cookery classes online. The cook-along courses are suitable for all ages with some adult supervision required.

Teens Cooking Classes

We offer workshops and private sessions for teenagers and young adults in-person or online. This would be suitable for those just going off to university, leaving home for the first time. You will learn how to make simple and easy but delicious dishes, considering budget and limited utensils.

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Adult Cooking Classes

The Tangerine Cooking Cabin was created to offer a fun and relaxed way to learn how to cook, hone your kitchen skills or just discover new foods!

We have guest chefs teach from the cabin, sharing their passion for their cuisine.

School Workshops

Totally Tangerine Cookery can provide workshops to fit in with the school curriculum or any specific topic.

The workshops can cover the whole school or a class and can be designed to support the schools DT requirements.

Private Class / One-to-One

We can run private cookery sessions in your home or online, for a small group of children or for your family.

We will provide everything you may need (in-person classes): ingredients, aprons, utensils and recipe cards.

We’ll clear up afterwards and leave your kitchen spotless!

Cooking Parties

Why not do something different for your child’s next birthday party? Travel the world through food or get their creative juices flowing by decorating cupcakes or biscuits. Something they and their friends will love!

Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss a theme of your choice. 

Corporate Events

A perfect way for friends, families and colleagues to bond over food. Our hands-on cookery sessions are a great way to bring people together in a fun and relaxed setting. We would love to host your memorable event. We can cater for up to 7 people in-person and up to 25 for a hands-on session online, so get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat!